Stardom Meer Kesh cooked it up in DAFT Music Studios

In December, Rockstar Energy Drink  offered 21-year-old winner Emmanuel, known as Stardom Meer Kesh, the chance to embrace his passion for music. Offering a day at DAFT Music Studios- one of the biggest & best studios in the Belgium.

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Having this studio day felt like taking the next step in my musical career, and I am very aware of the fact that it really was a blessing to get this opportunity. Rockstar® Energy Drink, DAFT Music Studios, and Jeroen De Pessemier aka ONE TRACK BRAIN really helped me with growing from step one to step two. As an artist, you can always do what you want, but getting the recognition that what I am doing is worth going for. It’s an amazing feeling. And working with DAFT Music Studios was most of all a really good way to learn things I didn’t know already

Stardom Meer Kesh

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